Halloween Costumes and Resources

Considering the number of details that go into planning for the holidays, we decided to give some additional resources as a follow up to our previous blog on Halloween Tips.


Sensory Friendly Costume Ideas

Halloween can be both exciting and overwhelming for our loved ones with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and that’s why we compiled a few costume ideas to help alleviate holiday induced anxiety. Our BCBAs and Behavior Techs at Spectrum have shared some of their favorite tips and tricks below:

  • Capes (avoiding masks is a good idea though)
  • Character hoodies/sweatshirts
  • Character Pajamas
  • Glow sticks (toss one in their treat bag or let them hold one to keep them visible, but simultaneously festive!)

By eliminating any additional irritants like scratchy fabrics, and avoiding face paint and masks, it decreases the amount of unnecessary stimulation that could be potentially night ending.

Other possible accessories:

Have a Halloween Count Down

Creating a calendar or countdown for Halloween can help emotionally prepare your loved one with ASD for the upcoming holiday. Talking about the holiday daily when marking the days on a calendar/countdown can remove the surprise of it.

Decorate Together

Having your child decorate the home with you can help them better understand the meaning behind the spooky decor. It can also prevent the fear of others’ decor when trick or treating. This will ultimately work as an additional step in preparing for the main event!


Feel free to comment with any Halloween informational tidbits of your own or ask questions in regards to costume ideas!




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