The Spirit of Spectrum

Our employees are the heart of the work we do at Spectrum. Without them, none of it would be possible! To share more about Spectrum and what makes us a family, we reached out to our employees to hear what the spirit of Spectrum means to them.

Answered by Brianna Major –

What does Spectrum mean to you?

The Spirit of Spectrum is vibrant, consistent, and dependable. It encompasses an atmosphere of a family away from home and one of which puts a whole new meaning on “loving your job.” The Spectrum Spirit is inclusive of all people, backgrounds, and beliefs and from the moment you enter the doors you will feel welcome with open arms. If you are looking for a place where a smiling face is always nearby, a coworker feels like family, and unwavering support is never hard to find, look within the Spirit of Spectrum and I promise your heart will be as full as mine!

Tell us about a time you were inspired by a client

To pinpoint a single time my clients inspired me would be a significant challenge as everyday I enter their homes, I find new reasons why they always do. My clients truly are my world, and the joy and energy they have throughout session always pushes me to be a little better each day. I know that I serve as a backbone for my kiddos and whether they realize it or not they serve as mine too. While some days may be more challenging than others, my kids never truly give up on themselves and work hard to gain the knowledge and functional skills of their everyday lives. For that, I truly am inspired and am constantly reminded to also never give up on myself as no challenge is ever too big to tackle.

Tell us about a time when you truly felt like a member of the Spectrum Family

Although it may sound cliché, everyday I truly feel like a member of the Spectrum family. Whether it be through the acknowledgement and praise on scorecards, the vibrant and uplifting emails, or even a simple compliment when stopping by the office, I know that at work I have a true family. I not only am supported in my work performance but also in my personal life and individual goals. Spectrum has made sure to acknowledge and take interest in me as a person, and not just as an employee. To me, that is a true family.

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